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While booking flight tickets with AVIA.VN, you can also purchase travel insurance packages online to perfect your holiday. In case you haven’t purchased the travel insurance yet, please do not hesitate to contact our call center at (028) 7305 2233 and (024) 7305 2233 or email us at info@avia.VN.

You can use the left pane on our website to enter your email and purchase the travel insurance packages provided by Blue Cross Vietnam - a Medical Insurance Administrator, part of an international group of companies with over 60 years experience managing and designing travel and medical insurance benefits. 

1. Blue Cross and AVIA.VN cooporation

AVIA.VN is one of the most efficient companies in booking flight ticket online, providing a brand new travel style: modern, active and extremely time-saving for busy people. To reduce your risk while traveling and to help you enjoy your perfect trip, AVIA.VN cooperated with Blue Cross Vietnam to offer you the best global travel insurance packages which is convenient for everyone, along with great customer care services from both Blue Cross Vietnam and AVIA.VN.

2. The cost of the travel insurance

The cost of the travel insurance will be automatically calculated based on the total days of the trip, the destination, deals you made when purchasing/booking tickers online. To buy the travel insurance after tickets are issued, please email us at info@avia.VN or contact our call center at (028) 7305 2233, (024) 7305 2233 during working hours. We will contact you to confirm the cost of the travel insurance which is suitable to your travel time.

3. How to buy travel insurance from AVIA.VN?

Travel insurance is available for all customers, even without booking flight tickets at AVIA.VN. You can purchase travel insurance and make payment by these following methods: Cash payment / Bank transfer at 15th floor, Ruby Tower, 81-85 Ham Nghi, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam [Maps]
You can also pay cash directly or transfer to one of the following banks:

Agribank, SaiGon branch
1600 201 447 318
Vietcombank, HCM branch
007 100 096 3597
ACB, SaiGon branch
200 975 149
Techcombank, Gia Dinh branch
1912 9422 481 013
Sacombank, SaiGon branch
0601 0551 7567
HDBank, SaiGon branch
0457 0407 0016 696
Dong A, District 1 branch
0150 4389 0001

Payment Details:
Beneficiary account name: WEFLY COMPANY LIMITED
Address: 15th floor, Ruby Tower, 81-85 Ham Nghi, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
Pay for: Your Full Name and the purpose is “Purchasing Travel Insurance”.

4. Things you should bring along to use the travel insurance

You will receive 01 Travel Insurance Certificate with legal confirmation of Blue Cross Vietnam (This certificate will also be used for the purpose of VISA required in some countries), 01 Travel Insurance Coverage Card and 01 Travel Insurance Contract in your email address indicated during the booking.

Please note, the travel insurance coverage Card should be brought along entirely on your travel (we designed it like a card with the emergency number on it so you can put it in your pocket). In case you lose this card for any reason, make sure that you can provide us your contract number when you call our hotline. Travel Insurance Contract and Travel Insurance Certificate will have value legally and be responsible 100% by Blue Cross Vietnam if any problems happen.

Tips: you should save the Blue Cross Vietnam’s emergency number and the copy of your Insurance Contract on your phone, laptop and other devices.

5. Age limits and the necessary information for Travel Insuarance

Insurance coverage for children and adult from 6 weeks old to 75 years old.

To complete the Insurance Contract, please provide us with these information:
- Full name of insured person (extractly match with the name on your Passport or Identification Card)
- Date of birth
- Email
- Phone number
- Home Address
- Identification Card/ Passport
- Period of insurance (from day… to day…)
- Form of insurance (Travel Flex/ Annual Travel/ Domestic Travel)
- Limit of Indemnity and the Guaranted insurability benefit

6. Insurance Conditions

To know further information about the benefit, fee and other conditions of these insurance plans, please download from links below:
1. Gói bảo hiểm du lịch nội địa
2. Gói bảo hiểm du lịch nhiều chặng
3. Gói bảo hiểm du lịch quốc tế

7. Other Information:

We also have an Insurance Plan for Rental Car in your travel. In case you have any question regarding this Insurance, please email us at or contact our Call Center at (028) 7305 2233, (024) 7305 2233 during our company’s working time Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 19:30 và Sat: 9:00-14:00.

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