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General information of travel in Vienna

Vienna is the largest city, as well as the capital of Austria. With a population of up to 1.7 million, Vienna is the main city, a center of cultural, economic and political situation in Austria. In addition, it was one of 10 most crowded cities in the European Union.

History of Vienna

Vienna Roman army had been used as a barracks, gradually became a haven for Roman soldiers. After that, Vienna is known as a client in exchange of goods in the 11th century. Since then, through the ages, Vienna became the capital of the Republic of Austria until now.

Useful information for travel in Vienna

Vienna's official language in use is German, a small number of citizens using other languages such as Hungarian, Slovene, and Sebian...

Vienna's currency is being circulated is the euro.

Vienna's time zone is UTC+1. Vienna in the summer uses the time zone UTC+2.

Vienna's dominant religion as well as all Austria is Christians, under Roman Catholic.

The most suitable time to buy flight tickets to Vienna

Vienna is located between the boundaries of the two types of climate: continental climate and oceanic climate, thus Vienna has warm summers, but at some point, the temperature can reach 34 degrees C. In the fall of the onset of cold weather and may cause precipitation. Generally gloomy sky at this time. Best time to book flight tickets to Vienna for a visit can be around May or June.

Food in Vienna

Vienna has coffee as its speciality. Many different types of coffee prepared in many different ways with its own unique taste will give you memorable moments. In Vienna, there are many restaurants and cafes serving meals Western style. Visitors can easily find dishes common in Europe as cakes, snacks, and some traditional dishes of Austria in Vienna.

Vienna' attractions

Vienna has many highlight spots, as Art museums, the Royal Museum, home of Mozart, Hofburg Castle and many other sites, bold ancient and medieval Europe seems proud edges of the Roman ancient empire.

Shopping in Vienna

Vienna offers visitors Mariahilfer Straße Avenue, the busiest trading in Vienna.

Flight tickets to Vienna

Vienna welcomes many regular flights from Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi by Vietnam Airlines and International airlines everyday. Visitors can easily choose an airline and start a trip to Vienna right now. Other airlines that sell flight tickets to Vienna from Vietnam including Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Air France, Aeroflot, China Airlines, Deutsche Lufthansa, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Eva Airways and Turkish Airlines.

Cheapest flights to Vienna

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