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General information of travel in Shanghai

Shanghai, with the population of 23 million people, obviously is the largest and most developed city in China. Despite the unstable economy, massive migration, huge gap of the rich and the poor, Shanghai in the past 20 years still has attracted still tourists from all over the world. Every global citizen once again had their eyes on the city while it hosted the 2010 World Expo, recording the greatest number of visitors in the event’s history.

History of Shanghai

Shanghai had been around as a village since the Song Dynasty, more than a thousand years ago, and it only rose to prominence after China lost the First Opium War in 1842. Shanghai was one of five cities which were opened to trade as treaty Ports. It grew amazingly after that; until big nearby cities including of Hangzhou, Suzhou and Nanjing had been far more important. Yet today Shanghai is definitely the center of the region.

Useful information for travel in Shanghai

Shanghai's official language is Chinese Mandarin and Shanghai dialect. English is not widely spoken.

Shanghai's currency is Yuan (RMB).

Shanghai is located in the time zone of UTC+8 (01 hour ahead from Vietnam).

Shanghai's religion has Buddhism in majority, along with other Catholic and Islam for negligibility.

The most suitable time to buy flight tickets to Shanghai

Shanghai, which is classified as humid subtropical, has the typically hot summer with high humidity and rare freak storm. It is pretty cold in winter while the temperature goes under 10o at night. In between, spring can feature lengthy periods of cloudy and rainy weather while fall is the best season to book flight tickets to Shanghai for a visit, while it is warm, mild and sunny.

Food in Shanghai

Shanghai's cuisine is originally characterized by sweet and oily ingredient for method of preparation, but it emphasizes freshness and balance. Some Shanghainese dishes to look for including Xiaolongbao (steamed dumpling), Sheng jian bao (raw fried buns) and Shanghai mao xie (Shanghai hairy crab).

Shanghai' attractions

Shanghai's travelling depends largely on your time and interests. Some sample tourist places for first-timer include Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai Museum, Pearl Tower, Jade Buddha Temple, Jing’an Temple and Zhujiajiao Water Town.

Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai offers visitors Shanghai’s premier shopping street in Nanjing Road, which is a kilometer long pedestrian boulevard with busy shops. Alternatively, let’s follow the young Shanghainese for the latest fashion trend in Tian Zi Fang for a lower budget. In addition to these, visitors can find typical Chinese antiques in Yuyuan Gardens or varied electronics in Xujiahui Metro Station.

Flight tickets to Shanghai

Shanghai has China Eastern Airlines which sell flight tickets to Shanghai from Vietnam. Besides that, major airlines such as China Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, United Airlines, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Air China,Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Garuda, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines also have operated connecting flights to Shanghai from Vietnam as well.