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Cheapest flights to China
starting from 4,041,000 ₫

*Total cost of round trip flight

Best flight deals to China

Flight calendar to China

All price in VND
  • Feb   2017
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
5.2M 4.8M 5.6M 5.2M 5.5M 6.2M
5.2M 5.5M

Flight price to China

Feb 4.8M ₫
Mar 4M ₫
Apr 5.9M ₫
May 5.9M ₫
Jun 5.9M ₫
Jul 6.6M ₫
0 ₫
4M ₫
4.9M ₫
5.7M ₫
6.6M ₫

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4,041,000 VND x Adult = VND
4,041,000 VND x Children = VND
4,041,000 VND x Infant = VND
Total Price VND
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Outbound Saturday 11-03-2017 Sunday 12-03-2017 Details    

Jetstar Pacific
22:45 Ho Chi Minh
02:35 Guangzhou
Stops: Direct flight
Flight time: 2h 50m
Return Sunday 19-03-2017 Details    

Jetstar Pacific
03:35 Guangzhou
05:20 Ho Chi Minh
Stops: Direct flight
Flight time: 2h 45m
Select number of passengers
4,663,000 VND x Adult = VND
4,663,000 VND x Children = VND
4,663,000 VND x Infant = VND
Total Price VND
More passengers
Outbound Wednesday 27-09-2017 Thursday 28-09-2017 Details    

Jetstar Pacific
23:50 Hanoi
02:30 Guangzhou
Stops: Direct flight
Flight time: 1h 40m
Return Monday 02-10-2017 Details    

Jetstar Pacific
03:30 Guangzhou
04:35 Hanoi
Stops: Direct flight
Flight time: 2h 5m
Select number of passengers
4,753,000 VND x Adult = VND
4,753,000 VND x Children = VND
4,753,000 VND x Infant = VND
Total Price VND
More passengers
Outbound Wednesday 22-02-2017 Thursday 23-02-2017 Details    

Jetstar Pacific
23:30 Hanoi
02:10 Guangzhou
Stops: Direct flight
Flight time: 1h 40m
Return Saturday 25-02-2017 Details    

Jetstar Pacific
03:10 Guangzhou
04:15 Hanoi
Stops: Direct flight
Flight time: 2h 5m
* Promotional price is not guaranteed and may change before booking

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Cheapest flights to China

from Ho Chi Minh (11 Mar-19 Mar) 4M ₫
from Hanoi (27 Sep-02 Oct) 4.7M ₫
from Hanoi (22 Feb-25 Feb) 4.8M ₫
from Nha Trang (04 Mar-07 Mar) 5.2M ₫
from Nha Trang (04 Mar-11 Mar) 5.2M ₫
from Nha Trang (03 Mar-08 Mar) 5.2M ₫

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